5 PS4 Games You Must Try Out

We are always in search of the best experience in gaming. So, we found the best PS4 Games you should play this year. Some gamers say that these are the best PlayStation 4 games of all time. Since PS4 is a great console and probably one of the best achievements of Sony, it can only make the best experience for you at least for gaming.

For now, PlayStation 4 is the only console with likes of Horizon, Spider-Man: Shadow of the Colossus, Zero Dawn and God of War. This also goes for the upcoming games such as Death Stranding, The Last of Us pt2, and the Ghost of Tsushima. For now, we’ve created this list in order to help you have a sort of preference of what is currently worth playing and if the experience is full HD. It was really difficult to find a short list across the PS4 library,  but visit us from time to time and we will make sure we get a new list.

FIFA 2019

FIFA 2019 is for sure our top pick for those who love playing sports games. We know that tastes don’t match but there is something really worth playing. FIFA is generally a highly anticipated event and FIFA 2019 is definitely the best FIFA game so far. No matter if you decide to play online or by yourself, you get the feeling that you are really living the life of the premier league footballer.

Here are some reviews as compared to other football games

Without a question, FIFA 19 is the most fun to play of the two. Many will stop reading at this point, and that’s understandable because that’s ultimately what it all boils down to. The game is just more free-flowing and intense, especially when you’re playing against another human opponent.

There are also many comparations between FIFA and PES and some players are indifferent when it comes to these two, and some are radical about FIFA:

The body styles are very similar in both games. Konami and EA have come a long way in creating realistic looking soccer players for their games.

There isn’t a ton of variance between player body types in either game, but football may have the most similar frames of any sport. Because of that, there is no visual disconnect or major advantage on either side.

Back to FIFA. The best thing about this game is that you can always throw yourself into more challenges and upgrade. The commentary is great and there is a second announce team for UEFA contests.

Did you know that FIFA used to have an app similar to the one EA used for the NCAA Football franchise? Still, it doesn’t exist. EA games have abandoned customization options almost across the board. In general FIFA 2019 has more depth and the online team play is deeper, career mode is bigger so you should definitely give it a shot if you haven’t already.

Grand Theft Auto V

Image source: rockstrargames.com

This popular franchise is going on for some time now and after San Andreas, GTA V is for sure the leading Rockstar game. Grand Theft Auto V takes place in Los Santos, a metropolis full of starlets, nu psychology gurus, and fading celebrities. We have 3 main characters who are criminals (of course) and they are plotting to survive and succeed. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor all have their personal traits and they risk everything in a series of daring and dangerous heists that could set them up for life. Trevor is a killer, Franklin, the classic rags-to-riches character and Michael, the troubled criminal with a beer gut. They were all depicted so that we can try to relate to them.

You can play GTA V – as a story-driven third-person actioner, multiplayer mockabout, a flight sim – and still it is one of the best games of this generation.

Here is a parent’s advice regarding the bad reputation for the game:

Well this game has a bad reputation but it really doesn’t deserve it! You can learn a lot of things from this game such as about stocks and bonds, managing money and also sports as the is a big golf and tennis minigame! Bad places can easily be avoided and the violence is no worse that what is seen on the news and the language isn’t as bad as what can be heard in school! It is a really fun game and a mature child should be just fine playing it as long as they are not a psycho and will know that it is a game and shops never be repeated!

Some parents are not so pleased on the other hand:

I’ll separate my review into two sections, one for parents and one for gamers. Parents. Don’t listen to any lies; do your research after you read this! This is literally the worst game in the mainstream to date in terms of the inappropriate and disturbing content. I need only use two examples to drive this point home. First, on top of having strip clubs in which you can actually see the stripper’s breasts up close and grope them, hiring a prostitute and having sex with her (which is a feature in every GTA game since GTA 3) now starts a very explicit voiceover in which the woman uses words and sexual dialogue I’m quite sure I can’t post on this site. Just think about the most graphic dialogue you can, and know that it’s in this game! The second example is a sort of mini-game in which you torture an innocent person in many brutal ways. For example, you can yank his teeth out while he cries. Oh yeah, and this is a mandatory mission as part of the main storyline, so you can’t avoid it no matter how bad you want to. You see, GTA has officially crossed the line into disturbingly psychotic. Not only would I not let my kid play or see this, I wouldn’t want any adult that I love seeing or playing it either. Now, to the gamers: This game actually sucks. I can grant that it has great graphics and of course a huge map. But then, so does REAL LIFE. And the game is about as boring as real life, come to think of it. Traveling from one part of the map to another is always a hassle if not a bore, the protagonists are pathetic and despicable, it has practically no story/plot, it doesn’t even have the emergency vehicle missions (police, firefighter, and ambulance). To put it simply, the game is way over-hyped. And apparently, they can’t get GTA 5 online working correctly either, so yeah there’s pretty much no reason to buy this game. Just Cause 2 is a lot more fun and it’s cleaner. Get that instead.

Regardless of the parents’ reviews, we do recommend this game for people over 13 years of age. Have fun


Well, of course, Fortnite. The world is burning with this game right now. All the seasons are up and has had a meteoric rise since 2017. This is a free to play battle royale game. An energetic and enjoyable multiplayer experience has a simple concept which is – just be the last person alive. With updates, Fortnite looks like it is always a new game and easily, it is one of the best PlayStation 4 games of 2019.

Here is a good review of Fortnite:

Mastering Fortnite Battle Royale’s many systems is worth every second of investment. Whether you go it alone or queue up with a squad, even if you’re the first to die or you actually manage to earn the Victory Royale, Fortnite’s zany style and unique blend of shooting and building almost never offers anything less than an outstanding time. It may not be the first battle royale game, and it certainly won’t be the last, but Fortnite sets itself apart from the crowd by giving you the freedom and tools to express your own personal playstyle.

God Of War

This was one of the highly anticipated PS4 games. Taking Kratos from Greek to Norse mythology, and focusing on narrative as well as combat has made this game a welcome refresh. Not to mention, he becomes a father in the game.

This game was named one of the best game in the series because it for sure, has a heart and you should not definitely miss it.

Here is a review which clearly depicts what this is about:

God of War takes everything good about the franchise and elevates it. Almost every aspect is polished to a fine sheen, with a particular standout being the world itself, and the new emphasis on telling a mature and meaningful story that explores remarkably complex themes. God of War sets a new bar for storytelling and world building in games, and transforms Kratos from a one note character to a fascinating man with a story worth hearing. If you have a PS4, this is a must have title.


Red Dead Redemption

Well, Red Dead Redemption & Red Dead Redemption 2. In 2018, this game took us by storm with the “fresh” western open-world. The player is always Arthur Morgan who is a gunslinger. He is part of the notorious Van Der Linde gang and he navigates the trials of the changing west. For sure, this is a game where you have to be dedicated and will definitely keep you busy. Between the mini-games, side quotes, activities and missions you may notice that it has been hours since you started playing the game.

Here is a review which will make this whole idea of the game closer to you:

Red Dead Redemption 2 tests the boundaries of interactive immersion. Few games look this good, play this well, and have this much to offer. It begs you to slow down, turn every page of its dramatic tale, and savor every last breathtaking detail. It challenges you to be prepared for anything, and make the right decisions when your choices matter most. Arthur Morgan is the lead, but the world takes center stage to pull you in. With a list of challenges left to finish and an online mode launching soon, we plan to spend a lot more time in Rockstar’s unparalleled recreation of the old west.

So, that’s it from us. Do you have another suggestion, because we are sure there are many cool games out there?

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